Sustainable development meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

World Commission on Environment & Development, 1987


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The Sustainable Community Roundtable believes “sustainable communities” are those whose development allows the community to meet present needs without compromising its ability to meet future needs.

By being a part of sustainable communities you make your community a place you and your children want to live.

Enjoy this site. Learn what is being done to build sustainable communities in the South Sound. See how you can join with others from your community to make a good place to live even better.

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  • To learn what The Sustainable Community Roundtable (SCR) is click the About tab
  • To find out what we are doing click the Projects tab. Be sure to see the Indicators Project Page the heart of SCR’s sustainability work. Here we assess how sustainable our communities are and what the indicators may tell us of about the future
  • Once you know what SCR is and what we are doing click the Action tab to see how you can get involved!

Help us make your community Sustainable!

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